Fill It With Social Proof

There is nothing better than social proof
A real persons review about your service for the whole world to see
What’s even better is that with accounts like Facebook & Google
Prospects looking at the person may have mutual friends and make that review more powerful as it’s a trusted person
The most AMAZING things about reviews are that people often look for reviews from people who have been in their current situation
You work with mums let’s say… ?‍?
So you get all your clients to talk about how much the results have helped them with their parenting and the struggle most mums go through
A prospect checks out your reviews and reads the exact same things they are going through right now in their life, quickly reassuring the prospect that your place is the place to be
Next comes asking your clients to leave reviews
Often this can be a little daunting as we all feel that little bit anxious about asking these types of questions to clients
So here is what we do…
We bribe them ?
If you leave us a nice review on Facebook we will give you…….
In the nicest way possible we know most of the clients you work with have no idea on how to leave a review
So we simply show them
We either get them to do it while they are in the gym
Or we send them to a specific page on the website that shows them how to do it ?
Then we grab that embed code from the Facebook & Google reviews
And paste them all over the website
On a specific website page, on all page that you send new prospects too, in your blogs and a sprinkle in every other place
Because the world NEEDS to know what you offer works ?
What you waiting for???
Go get those reviews
David 🙂

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