How To Not Waste Money on Facebook Ads

You set a Facebook Advert Up with a £10 daily budget

For that, you should be getting 2 if not more leads per day

But for some reason, you aren’t getting any❓❓❓❓

Here is a few reasons why….

1️⃣ You are not split testing your Ads❗️ This means running 2 or more ads side by side to see which one is perming the best

Setting this up will instantly make a big difference to the number of leads you generate as once you have found the winner you can then push the whole budget onto that advert

2️⃣ You are not calling out to a specific market❗️

One of the best ways to utilise Facebook is first, targeting a specific audience in the “Ad Set”. Then in the Advert copy, making it super clear who the advert is for

For example, an advert to mum should have MUMS in the title and the image of video should be of mums. This is so the person viewing the advert knows instantly that this advert is for MUM and not wasting anybody’s time

3️⃣ You are not talking their language❗️

What I mean by this is you don’t know what they want to achieve, you don’t know their struggle or pain, you don’t know your target audience

If we stay with MUM, perhaps a mum want to lose the wobbly belly thats they got from pregnancy, they want to get back to pre-baby weight, they want the energy to keep up with the kids

Again once they read this, they will know that this advert is for them

4️⃣ The final one is all about the HOOK or Offer❗️

If your offer doesn’t make sense, or is not right for the audience then you will instantly lose them

Mums want quick results as they have limited time, so a 3 year program isn’t going to make sense for them

A guys wanting to get lean for a holiday isn’t wanting a 12 week mass builder program


If you get all these steps ticked off when doing your Facebook Adverts, then you will start to generate leads ?

Or if you would prefer someone to run the Ads for you, just drop me a message and let’s chat

David 🙂

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