SEO For Your Website ?

Once you have your Small Business Owner website built, next we need to let people about it

Just like your business, if nobody knows it is there, then nobody is going to come

This is where we need to start Optimising Your Website For Search Engines To Find It, also known as SEO

➡️ One of the first things you need to do is create a site map for your website and submit that to all the search engines

For examples submitting it to Google can be done here:

There are a few tools that can send it to all of them for you too

➡️ Next, we have the local business directories

For example

The more local directories you can submit your business and website too, the better chance you have of being found

➡️ One of the best ways to improve your SEO is “keywords”

For example, we have a fitness business based in Cardiff, therefore on our website we would have the “keyword”: Personal Trainer in Cardiff

When someone types that “Keyword” into google, you will have a much better chance of being found

➡️ Along with “keywords”, we also have “Alt Tags” or simply naming your image with the “keyword”

Here are a few a few simple ways to help get your website off the ground and found online ?

Depending on the quality or quantity of the competition, the time it takes to start creeping up the search engines can vary

The aim is to keep producing new content (Blog), keep adding the “Keywords”, and keep developing your website

Or if you would just rather somebody just take care of all this for you

Then drop us a message

David 🙂

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