The 5 Pages A Small Business Owners Website Should Have

Once you have your domain and hosting sorted, and your preferred website builder ready to go

It’s now time to start building out the website ?

The questions I get asked all the time is… What pages do I need to have for my website❓❓❓

Therefore here are the 5 KEY pages every Small Business Owners website should have

The first is, of course, the HOME PAGE

The page that welcomes the viewer to the website, and instantly tells them they are in the right place

For example, if you beauty salon that only works with over 40’s ladies

This page needs to be telling the viewer just that, that this website is all about helping 40’s ladies get the results they want

It is also your chance to give a brief overview of what else can be found on the website

And a few opportunities for the viewer to leave their details, with either a lead magnet, a request a callback, or your prefer hook


Following on from the home page we have the ABOUT PAGE

Once the viewer gets an idea that the website they have landed on is for them, they will want to check out the owner and what makes this company different from all the others

This page needs to talk to the viewer and NOT just talk about yourself

You need to be answering the the viewers questions and worries, putting them at ease that you are the right person to help them on their own journey

As you explain why you started your started your business and the journey you went on to get started


Once they know about you, and why you do what you do

They then want to know what it is you offer or YOUR SERVICES

This page is all about generating the leads, and not going overboard with what it is you do

Personally, I would recommend not putting up your prices and instead, getting the viewer to leave their details to request more information

That way you are in control of the prospect journey


By now the viewer knows they are in the right place, they like you, they like what you offer

But can you back it all up❓

This is where you have your SUCCESS STORIES page

Your chance to show off to the viewer about how good your services are, and how you have been able to help many people just like the viewer in the exact situation they are in right now


Finally, the viewer’s mind is made up, and they want to CONTACT YOU

Therefore the last page needs to be as simple and user-friendly as possible to allow the views to be able to contact you

Again the aim would be to get them to leave their details or have a Facebook Messenger feature on your website

Having such a feature is a trusted way to message people, giving the viewer a more comfortable way of messaging you and wanting more information


And that’s that….

Once you have all these pages in place, you then start fine-tuning to increase leads and the follow up that comes after they request more information

Of course, if you are still not 100% sure or would rather someone else build it for you

Then drop me a message

David 🙂

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