Time To Set This Website Up

Yesterday we talked a lot about getting the hosting and domain all set up, ready to build your website

If you didn’t check see it, you can read it here: https://www.francton.com/lets-talk-web-design/

Today we get building

So there are a few ways to build a website, I always go with WordPress

It’s a super simple CMS system, that over 30% of all website around the world are built on

If you are using one.com, there is an option to purchase the WordPress ad on for a small monthly fee

Once installed, we then need to pick a theme that is going to work for you

There are many to choose from paid and free, from “Drag & Drop Theme” to Pre-Made themes that simply need your input

My recommendation if you know nothing about any of this is to follow a video on YouTube

There are a load on there, that show you step by step on how to build one yourself

You simply just follow along

Here is a link to a FREE training that I did for my FitPro Clients

That shows you step by step on how to do it yourself: https://www.francton.com/how-to-build-your-first-website/

David 🙂

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